We know that traveling to the most wonderful and remote place on the planet, where species coexist with the human being in full harmony, requires taking into account several aspects before and during the trip. 

For this we contribute with our experience of being local operators and we want to indicate the following recommendations to take into account, especially regarding the Galapagos Islands Migratory System:


Visiting the Galapagos Islands can be the most exciting adventure of your life, and we do not want to hinder it, but you should know that we live 1,000 km away from Continental Ecuador and that has some consequences and limitations, so below we indicate information that you It will be useful: If you want more details you can contact us through our contact via WhatsApp, we will gladly assist you. Go ahead with your trip!

We help you prepare the suitcase so you do not forget the following:
01-. We recommend that all tavelers be covered by a travel medical insurance policy
02.- Completed application form (received on the plane)
03.- Valid passport for more than 6 months
04.- Return ticket
05.- Vaccination Card against COVID-19
06.- Cash – There are very few ATMs especially in the Galapagos Islands
07.- Credit cards – Preferably Visa and Mastercard
08.- Personal medications (against motion sickness)
09.- Traffic Control Card issued by the Government Council of the special regime of Galapagos. This card can be purchased at the counters of the Governing Council at:
Baltra/ San Cristobal airports
USD$100 for everseas pax/ USD$6 ecuatorian national resident (Cash Only)
10.-Entrancce Fee issued by Galapagos National Park. This fee must be paid at the counters of Migration in:
Quito/ Guayaquil airports
USD$20 pax (Cash Only)
During your stay in the archipelago, remember to keep this in mind:
01.- Pay attention to the guide’s instructions
02.- Obey all the rules of the National Park
03.- Drink water always
04.- Always use sun protection
05.- Reserve in advance
06.- Never feed the wildlife
07.- Keep a safe distance from animals
08.- Wear comfortable clothes suitable for the beach and the drizzle in the highlands
09.- Wear shoes suitable for hikking and wetshoes (tours provide individual cooton towels and snorkel equipment)
10.- Usually paid in cash:
Tips/ Donations
Alcoholic beverages
Rental of extra equipment such as (check our items rental):
Underwater cameras
Long wetsuits
Taxi boat
Beach towells
Snorkel gear
Memory cards, etc..
At Sup Galapagos, we make your excursions easier and more comfortable. Use these items:
Sandals/ wetshoes
Confortable T-shirt/ shorts
Close-toe shoes/ hikking shoes
Rain jacket or wind breaker
Sun cream
Rash guard
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