Tour Chatamensis

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3 Hours Minimun
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Colloquially known by the locals, La Galapaguera (Tortoise Research and Conservation Center), is the main point of interest, a giant turtle sanctuary (Chelonoidis Chathamensis) where we will learn more about these unique creatures in a natural environment.

The highlands reach a maximum elevation of 730 meters (2,400 feet) and have a cooler and more cloudy climate than Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. There are two areas of biodiversity, where frigates birds and other water birds live in “El Junco” lagoon.

Puerto Chino beach, known for its white sands are usually guarded by families of sea lions. To get there, you will walk along a path bordered by beautiful Opuntia cactus.

We leave Puerto Baquerizo Moreno at 8:30 in the morning from a meeting point to take a bus in the direction of the town of El Progreso, we will travel a total of 27 km until we reach the entrance of the Puerto Chino beach, after making All the visit we will return at noon which will be lunch time, if it is not previously scheduled as part of the tour.

LOCATION San Cristobal Island (Chatham Island)
• City Tour & El Progreso Village
• El Junco lagoon
• La Galapaguera (Giant Tortois Center)
• Puerto Chino Beach
• Snorkel • Photography
• Beach • Swimming
• Bird whatching • Hikking
GROUP SIZE 4 people groups. Minimun 2 people
• Tour Transportation • Air-conditioned vehicle
• Beach Towell • Naturalist Guide Authorized by the GNP*
• Tips
• Guide gratuity

*Galapagos National Park has rules that we must pay attention to and request in advance any administrative management to obtain a special permission.

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