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SUPer Darwin Bay


This is where Charles Darwin made his first disembarkation in the Galapagos! It will be our best site for SUP & Snorkel.

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We moved in a boat, from the dock in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno in a guided tour of the Wreck Bay developing an explanation about the colonization of Galapagos, describing its docks, beaches, lighthouses, etc .. for a period of approximately 30 minutes,

We arrive at the Punta Carola inlet to disembark the SUP teams and here we will have the first contact with the playful sea lions and we will be able to observe in their natural environment various sea birds such as pelicans, frigates or blue footed boobies, snorkeling in the sea we can observe stingrays, sea turtles for a period of one hour until the boat comes to pick us up.

It is optional to return by boat, being able to continue with the snorkeling equipment and the beach towel walking along the path to the viewpoints of Frigatebird Hill (Cerro Tijeretas) and Interpretation Center to Playa Mann beach and return to the agency to return the equipment.

Children under 12 years of age require the mandatory support of an SUP instructor. Minimun Group of 4 People to confirm activity and price per person.

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