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    Tour 360

    To know all around San Cristobal Island we have relaxing lava rock scenaries, magical beaches, endemic species.

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  • $160.00 kicker-rock

    Tour Kicker Rock

    Submerge in one of the most bio-diverse hot spots in Galapagos. Snorkel in Kicker Rock along with hammerhead sharks.

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  • $130.00

    Tour Isla Lobos

    The channel that the island creates next to San Cristobal Island offers excellent conditions to house colonies of sea lions.

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  • $220.00

    Tour Española Island

    Its one of the oldest in the Galapagos and one of the world’s only known nesting sites for the Albatross birds.

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    Tour Odisea Exclusive

    Vive una odisea de emociones y visita sitios exclusivos en las islas San Cristóbal y Española.

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    Tour Aventura Premium

    Ven a la aventura durante 3 noches y 4 días llenos de actividades y visitas para gente que quiere un servicio premium.


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    Tour Explora Express

    Explora la isla más antigua de Galápagos en una visita express de 4 noches y 3 días tanto por el mar como por tierra.


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  • $80.00

    Tour Chatamensis

    Colloquially known by the locals, La Galapaguera (Tortoise Research and Conservation Center), is the main point of interest.

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  • $220.00

    Tour Punta Pitt

    Discover on the Pitt islet a wonderful world of species as interesting as the red-footed boobies on the surface, blue-footed boobies in the sea.

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