Ecotourism is that tourism whose priority objective of its activity is the discovery of the fauna, flora and landscapes of the places we visit in the Galapagos Islands.

Since the early 1990s, the UNWTO has recognized the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF ECOTOURISM (2002) and since 2014 the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador, through the Galapagos National Park, regulates (Resolution 24-2016) tourist activities in the Galapagos Marine Reserve where we are accredited to carry out our nautical activities Kayak excursions, Snorkeling and especially SUP that we started since 2010.


As a local operator we are governed by our ecotourism values and we apply them:

1.- We hire local labor, crews and regulated personnel

2.- In our team we are all permanent residents of Galapagos

3.- Our supplies and operational support are small local companies throughout the archipelago

4.- We stimulate the local economy, for which we require advance reservations, since we do not need intermediaries

5.- Minimal environmental impact, our rule is to recycle and we use equipment according to the regulations of the Galapagos National Park

6.- We promote, participate and collaborate in activities that have to do with caring for the environment

7.- Our values are based on caring for the environment, for this we encourage our tourists to use refillable water bottles, we walk, we avoid the use of paper, we use non-polluting fuels


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